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South West Rocks Country Club Rocks Rewards

What is Rocks Rewards?

Rocks Rewards is a member’s loyalty program that gives you rewards for using your membership card throughout the club. The more you use your membership card the more reward points you will accumulate and the more you benefit as a member of South West Rocks Country Club.

How do I earn points?

Points can be earned by making purchases in the club at the bar and bottle shop or by playing the Gaming Machines. Just remember to hand your membership card to our friendly staff when making the purchase or having your membership card inserted in the poker machine whilst you’re a playing.

Can I earn Bonus Rewards with Rocks Rewards?

Yes, simply swipe your card at the Members Reward Centre located in the foyer of the club for your chance to win additional Rocks Reward Points, free raffle tickets and bottle shop vouchers or even free drinks.

What can I do with my Rocks Rewards Points?

When you have accumulated enough points on your membership card you can redeem them for food and beverage within the club, or make purchases at the bottle shop, purchase bingo games and show tickets, you may even spend them with one of our Rocks Rewards Partners located within South West Rocks

Just remember to present your membership card to our friendly staff and advise them that you wish to make your payment by Rocks Rewards.

How do I know how many points I have?

Swipe your membership card through the Members Reward Centre located in the foyer of the club to check your Rocks Rewards account.

Point Value

One point is worth one cent. You will be surprised how quickly your points accrue. You can earn one point for every dollar spent at the bar, and bottle shop and one point for every four dollars of turnover on the poker machines.


  1. Rocks Rewards cannot be earned on items that have been paid for by points.
  2. Points are valid from the 1st July to the 29th June of each year. Points will be cleared on the 30th June of each year.
  3. Illegal use of a members card can result in cancellation of membership (points are not transferable).
  4. Refer to the full terms and Conditions of Rocks Rewards which is located on our website at